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An Effective Process

Our strong marketing strategies are designed to increase our overall market share and grow our large network of investors. First and foremost, however, we strive to attract a good pool of potential tenants. Here at RentCorp we know how to market your property for maximum exposure.

 Our 10 Step Process To
Faster Leasing

1. “Getting The Home Rent Ready” –
    This can include some or all of the following:
  • Re-keying

  • Lock box

  • Cleaning

  • Possible repairs

All the above steps help make the home show well; in turn helping us rent faster

2. Setting the rent- Giving your home a proper evaluation is key
  • We base our evaluation on the market ( we look at multiple resources and use our professional experience to give you a price both right for the area and home)

3. Advertising the property
  • We advertising your home aggressively and place ads on multiple site and platforms such as Kijiji, Gotta Rent, Facebook, walk score, our own professional Website and many others

  • Regional exposure though MLS (cooperative Broker fee does apply)

  • Real Estate publications for a multi-family Buildings (entire project)

  • Signage on site and around the major intersections.

  • Newspaper ads, Renters guide if deemed best method for the are and size of project

4. Answer all Inquires Promptly
  • Our dedicated leasing staff is always ready to answer calls, emails, and text messages for all incoming rental requests

5. Schedule Showings
  • Our staff is dedicated to provide flexible times throughout the week and weekends to show your rental homes

6. Collecting applications from all potential tenants
7. Screening all Applicants
  • We take every application and run a detail credit check and employment history check. We also ask for past landlord references as well.

  • Our belief is that a properly screened application from RentCorp leads to tenants who stay longer. In turn, this helps avoid turnover costs to owners

8. Choosing a tenant from applications received
  • RentCorp insists on always keeping an open line of communication with owners. Ultimately, the final decision is always up to the owners and RentCorp is very happy to provide owners with our professional Opinion

9. Lease signing and move in
  • RentCorp goes over all the rules and regulations and terms of the contract with the tenant. This way tenants have a complete understanding of the lease before signing.

  • Keys and any money owed is exchanged at this time.

  • Proper move in checklist is done ensuring that RentCorp has records of the current state of your rental unit

10. Lease signing and move in
  • Weekly updates to owners when we are in search of a tenant.

  • 24 hours emergency line for tenants when in need of after-hours maintenance.

RentCorp Property Management ensures that your investment is our priority. By following these 10 simple steps we believe we can get your investment rented our faster and more efficiently, leading to a greater return on your money

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