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We Have You Covered

RentCorp provides our clients with a team of highly skilled contractors, providing our properties with dependable, trust worthy maintenance and inspection services. At RentCorp, we treat your property as if it was our own. We know that our personal touch and prompt service helps distinguish us from the other property managers in the KW Region.


RentCorp has a full time administration dedicated to coordinating all repairs and maintenance requests for your property.

We have streamlined the maintenance process to reduce costs, ensure quality, and continually communicate with our homeowners.


Cost effective maintenance is what every owner strives for. Our proactive maintenance process along with our mass volume supplier and contractor discounts offers a viable solution to saving our clients time and money.

What To Expect When Owning
A Rental Income Property

No matter how ideal the tenants are, appliances break, systems wear out, and other items will require attention. Here are the three most important things landlord should know about property maintenance:
  1. Plan for maintenance costs. It’s simply a part of owning a rental property. Set aside 1-2 month’s rent per year to allow for ongoing routine maintenance and make-ready costs when tenants move out

  2. Respond promptly when maintenance is required. Your tenants will feel valued when you respond to their needs, making them more likely to care for the home if they see that you do too. Tenants can become agitated when maintenance is not dealt with in a timely fashion.

  3. RentCorp will help to advise owners on up to date safety codes. We will direct you on what is needed to meet codes and safety standards, as well as continuing to keep an eye on your property.

  • RentCorp maintenance team receives either a phone call or an email. We collect all pertaining information from the tenant and sometimes even request pictures to help clarify the issue

  • We assess the information given and send out an email to the owners advising an action based on our findings

  • The quote is prepared for the owner to be approved. Once approved the work order is set in place

  • Our maintenance team commences with organizing appointments for the tenants and contractor(s) to perform the work efficiently and in a timely fashion

  • Once the work has been completed our contractor(s) sends us a detailed list of items that were addressed. In some cases, pictures are requested

  • The owner is sent a bill with detailed information and can also access this information through their owner portal. This bill will be subtracted from the following months owner payout.

  • We are open Monday – Friday, 10am to 6pm for all maintenance requests

  • We have a dedicated 24-hour emergency line. This line can be used for emergency maintenance requests during the hours that our office is closed.

  • We only utilize contractors with updated WSIB and liability insurance

  • All contractors are licensed in their field

  • RentCorp receives discounts from all contractors due to our large volume of maintenance

  • We always obtain quotes for the owners before a contractor is sent out.

  • All of RentCorp’s tenants receive an information booklet containing information on how to contact the maintenance team at RentCorp

  • RentCorp provides a complete list of contractors for the building maintenance one the warranty period ends

  • We will obtain quotes and set up new contracts for operating building services such as landscaping, snow removal, waste/recycle pick up, and any other service requested.

  • We ensure the property’s equipment is maintained and repaired including but not limited to; heating, ventilating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical equipment, fire alarms, smoke detectors, CO2 detectors, HVAC maintenance etc.

  • Provide a maintenance schedule that will suit the upkeep of the building such as all mechanical equipment, fire and safety, etc.

  • The purchasing of cleaning supplies can be arranged and delivered upon request.


RentCorp has developed a thorough inspection program to protect your investment, as well as to hold tenants responsible for lease violations and damages. Regular inspections are important to maintain these standards and to identify maintenance issues before they progress. Here is an outline of our inspection program and how often we are checking on your property:

  • Every spring and fall we perform detailed property inspection (6 month intervals). This can include taking pictures of anything that seems out of place, inspecting and checking batteries in smoke/ CO2 detectors, replacing furnace filters, dropping off the salt, etc. Additional charges may apply.

  • RentCorp performs a detailed move in/out property inspection. This checklist often takes over an hour to complete due to the details that are needed. It helps us record the complete condition of the house at the time of move-in. The tenant(s) will sign off on the condition that the house was given to them in, making them responsible for any damages. At the time of move-out, the list is compared. RentCorp will be able to notify the owner of any additional damages that occurred during the tie of the tenant and take action if requested.

Additional inspections are performed as needed, such as if the tenant fails to pay rent or respond to communications.


We have found that regular property inspections and routine maintenance can save the building/property owner and manager thousands of dollars. For example: sometimes even good tenants will let a little drip under the sink go without being repaired, or fail to change a furnace filter as needed. If items like this are not addressed, they can lead to expensive sub-floor and cabinet damage or costly heating and AC repairs.


Our 6-month inspection is offered at a discounted rate of $50 plus any applicable materials needed. The service is optional for the owner but highly recommended. These inspections can be performed more often by request. Most owners are very fond of this service, and the feedback is very positive. If damages are found during any of our inspections, owners will be notified.​

At RentCorp we believe that proper maintenance and inspections on your property will not only help maintain your investment but at the same time increase your property value. Your investment is our first priority. 

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